Trick training 

Trick training is an exciting class for both dogs and their handlers.  Tricks are a great way to have fun with your dog while improving their confidence, attention and focus.  Some of the tricks that the dogs will be learning include; bow, high-five, roll, spin, target, and crawl.  By the end of the 6 week session, the dogs will know enough tricks to earn their AKC Novice Trick Dog title.  More advanced dogs will work on tricks for the Intermediate title. Basic obedience is a pre-requisite. Mondays 6:00 September 24. 

Focusing on Focus

​This class will focus on getting your dog to pay attention to you. The exercises taught in the class will help you refocus a highly distractible dog or a dog that has fear aggression. Teaching your dog to focus helps with leash manners, dog sports, reactivity and excessive barking. Teach your dog that the job it gets paid for is to pay attention. For dogs over a year old that have had basic training. This is a 5-week class. 

Tuesdays, Beginning September 4, at 6:00 

 Fun Agility for all dogs

Come learn to do some fun agility obstacles for mental and physical stimulation for you and your dog.  As a former AKC Agility judge and nationally known instructor, Melinda will guide you and your pet to start agiltiy with the basic skills you will need to have your dog run through tunnels, weave poles, across a dog walk and see saw. THis is not a beginner for competition course but rather a class to introduce your dog to novel and fun adventures. Come have fun with your puppy or young dog. This is a 6-week class.                                    

Saturdays, Beginning September 15, at 10:00am  

Introduction to K9 Nose Work-Level 1

Inspired by the training methodology of detection dogs, K9 Nose Work is a relatively new sport created to train scent detection for recreation. This allows dogs to experience the fun and use of their natural ability to use their noses. Dogs will learn to search a variety of elements, including boxes and containers inside and outdoor searches. NO age or training     pre-requisite required. This is a 6-week class.    

Thursdays, Beginning September 13 at 7:00                      

K9 Nose Work, Intro to Odor-Level II

Dogs will learn to search for the first target odor (birch) without help from the handler. Dogs will be introduced to the 4 elements of Nose Work: Interior, Exterior, Vehicle, Container.    Intro/Level I is a prerequisite. This is a 6-week class

 Thursdays,Beginning September 13 at 6:00

K9 Nose Work, Level III

This is an advanced class for dogs who are already searching for the first odor, birch and ready to add a second odor. Dogs are working independently of the handler and building confidence on Interior, exterior, container and vehicle searches. Level II is a prerequisite. This is a 6 week class.


K9 Nose Work, Competition Class

Dogs who have passed their ORT and/or NW1. Dogs are intrduced to the other two target odors, (Anise and Clove) and move to offsite locations to practice searches. Container searches are with distraction odors. This is a 4-week class (1.5 hours each)

Wednesdays, On-going

       Kokopelli Dog Training

                Class descriptions

            Focus, Dog Sports, Tricks, and K9 Nose Work,