Kokopelli Dog Training

Canton, CT 06019
Registration form
Classes held at Petals and Paws

 Please complete and Return with Payment (All Classes $159.53 unless otherwise noted)
to:  Kokopelli Dog Training, 410 Cherry Brook Rd. Canton, CT 06019,  or drop at Petals and Paws

 Circle class Choice:     Puppy K    Family I     Family II     Nose Work   Other:________________________________

Start Date:    ____/____/____             Tues.       Wed.       Thurs      Sat.   Time: ___________  AM    PM

 Client’s Name: ________________________________________Street  _______________________________________________

City ____________________________________________________  State  ___________Zip  _______________________________

 Phone #s (H) ____________________________________ (W) or Cell  ______________________________________________

 Email Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________________

 Dog’s Name: _________________________________ Breed: _____________________ Sex: _______________ Age: ________

How did you hear about the classes?  _________________________________ Veterinarian _____________________

Have you trained a dog before?  Yes   No   When? ________________________________________________________

 What does your dog already know? ________________________________________________________________________

What do you like best about your dog? ____________________________________________________________________

List three goals you would like to accomplish in this class:  1). __________________________________________

2). ________________________________________________ 3). _____________________________________________________

Do you or your dog have any physical handicaps or disabilities, which may affect training?  _________

Has your dog ever shown any signs of aggression towards other dogs or people?  ____________________

If yes, please explain. _________________________________________________________________________________________

Please attach proof of vaccination to this registration form or bring to first/orientation class.
I understand that there are no refunds after the start of classes.
Signature: _____________________________________________________________ Date:  _________________________________